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Mobile Apple Press
For Apple juice, a minimum of approximately 5 potato (roughly 100kg) sacks is required to enable us to ensure you will receive your own juice. Roughly 2.5 kg of apples will produce approximately 1 litre of juice, depending on variety and juice yield of the apple (approximately 8 large apples per 750ml bottle).

For cider, we require 6 feed sacks to ensure you will receive your own cider due to the size of the fermentation containers. If you cannot get your hands on 6 sacks do not worry, we offer the option to ferment your apples in a shared barrel with others and you will receive your share of the finished cider!

Simply bring your clean fruit to our premises, if you wouldn’t eat it then it’s not good to press it for juice! We will then, sort, mill and press the apples. Vitamin C will be added at this stage to prevent oxidisation (discolouration) unless requested otherwise. The juice will be left in barrels overnight to settle and then bottled and pasteurised in 750ml glass bottles with a black, red or gold screw cap. The juice is typically ready for collection within 3 days, we will let you know when it is ready to be picked up. Due to our limited storage space we ask that you collect your juice within a few days of being informed it is ready.

Knowing when your fruit is ready:

- Before collecting your apples, you should cut a few from the tree open to check the colour of the pips, when the apples are ready the pips will turn dark brown.
- When picking an apple from the tree, the apple should pluck from the branch with ease.
- Taste your fruit, the flavour of the apple will give you an indication of the taste of the juice. 

Ripe apples produce the best juice! Different varieties ripen at different times throughout the season so make sure you sample a few different apples. We are here to help so feel free to send us an email with a photo of your sliced fruit and we will advise. 

2023 Prices:

Price to include pressing, bottling, pasteurisation and boxing ready for collection.

We have come up with a cheaper solution away from the traditional glass bottle and now offer pouches.

Apple Juice

Price per bottle under 200 bottles

750ml bottle of apple juice: £2.40 

Price per bottle over 200 bottles:
750ml bottle of apple juice: £2.25

3L Pouch Apple Juice: £7.50

5L Pouch AppleJuice: £12.50 

Cider: Made 2023 bottled in 2024

Unfortunately we are unable to quote for next years cider due to fluctuating costs, we anticipate it being in the region of £2.75 per 750ml bottle

Other size bottles are available upon request, please Contact us for a tailored quote.
Due to strict health and safety regulations, we can not re use bottles as the glass we currently use is already made from recycled glass. As a company we recycle all of our waste responsibly and encourage all of our customers to do the same for their glass.  For returning customers, we can re use your boxes and will offer a discount accordingly. Simply flat pack your boxes and bring them with you when you drop off your fruit. 

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